Saved by the Lamb: Moses & Jesus


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Have you heard of a man named Moses?
Do you know about Jesus, too?
One is from the Old Testament,
One is from the New
Both stories are the Word of God,
Their messages are true;
But when you see them side by side,
A hidden part comes through.

In Saved by the Lamb, the fourth book in the Old and New series, author Maura Roan McKeegan tells the story of two baby boys who were born to save their people. Just as Moses grew to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt, Jesus came to rescue all people from sin. Together, their stories reveal God’s plan not just for the people of ancient Israel, but for us today.

See biblical typology—the Old Testament people, symbols, and events that foreshadow the New Testament—come to life in Saved by the Lamb. 32 pages. Hardcover.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.