Thomas Finds a Treasure: A St. John Neumann Story


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Written by Joan Stromberg, Illustrated by Eileen McCook

Thomas Hrodej’s father, a tough Bohemian immigrant,   helped build the Erie Canal. When Thomas is picked on by the town bullies, will   he be as tough as his father? When they use the ultimate weapon…rumors and   gossip, Thomas turns to the new, young Bohemian priest, Fr. Neumann, for help.   What he finds is a treasure! It’s 1836 Williamsville, New York, and the Erie   Canal is opening the West. Catholics are   persecuted, misunderstood, and, at times, even despised. Follow the Adventures   of Thomas and Father John Neumann as they encounter bandits, thugs with guns,   creatures in the forest, and the special gifts of their own faith, friends, and   family. Unit study on the Erie Canal included. 120 pages. Paperback.