Big Book of Christians around the World


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By Sophie De Mullenheim

Discover the customs, the daily life, and the heritage of Christians throughout the world! Come along with Olivia and Noah, two young reporters, as they set out to encounter Christians of 25 different countries:

  • those who go to Mass by dugout canoe
  • those who plunge into freezing water in the middle of January
  • those who risk their lives and have to hide their beliefs
  • and much more!

You’ll learn the highlights of Christian life around the world: from Advent in Germany, Christmas in the Tropics, Epiphany in Russia, Holy Week in Seville, the Assumption in Lourdes, the Day of the Dead in Mexico, to an Orthodox baptism, a Maronite wedding…

A fascinating and lavishly illustrated piece of photojournalism for children. Ages 9 & up. 85 pages. Hardcover.