Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers


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With a mix of traditional blessings and prayers and newer prayers adapted to daily Christian life in the twenty-first century, this prayer book will be useful in all seasons. Revised and updated in 2020, this rich treasury of Catholic prayers includes updates to match the current edition of the Roman Missal, as well as the new translation of the Psalms taken from The Abbey Psalms and Canticles.

This treasure trove contains a multitude of prayers under the following headings: Basic Prayers;, Daily Prayers; Days and Seasons; Family Prayers from Birth to Death; Prayers for Catholic Living; Prayers for the Church and the World; God’s Word in Times of Need ; and Stations of the Cross. A Calendar of the Saints is included to remind us of those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.

Celebrate with prayer the special occasions— pregnancy and childbirth, birthdays, graduations, engagements—and turn to prayer in times of sorrow, loss, and pain.

With a lovely presentation page, this book makes an ideal gift for families with children, newly married couples, and first-time parents in baptismal preparation classes. It is also a wonderful gift for adults in faith formation preparing for initiation into the Catholic Church. Perhaps share this book of Catholic blessings and prayers with a friend, neighbor, or loved one…just because. 528 pages. Paperback.