Curious Story of Jonah


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The Curious Story of Jonah is a retelling of the well-known Bible story of Jonah, Nineveh, and the very big fish. With lively text and colorful illustrations, this children’s book will delight young Catholics while introducing them to this Scripture story.

3- to 7-year-olds (and their read-aloud partners!) will be enthralled by the story of God’s call, Jonah’s decision to run away, a big storm, and why God wanted to give the very bad people another chance to turn back to him.

Even those who have heard Jonah’s story before may not have heard it like this, with a focus on the compassion and mercy of God.

This book is geared toward ages 3–7, and pairs well with A Very Noisy Stable, which is perfect for slightly younger children ages 3–5. 32 pages. Hardcover.