Jacob’s Ladder: Ten Steps to Truth


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By Peter Kreeft

There are ten important questions everyone should ask; and the answers to these questions, which lead to ultimate truth, are a matter of reason, not of faith. Well-known Catholic philosopher and writer Peter Kreeft tackles each of these questions in a logical step-by-step way, like climbing the rungs of a ladder. Because questions are best answered by dialogue, Kreeft answers these fundamental questions in an imaginary conversation between two very different people who meet at the beach.Among the topics, or “steps”, that Kreeft’s characters delve into include: Do you have the passion to know? Does truth exist? What is the meaning of life? What is love, and why is it so important for our lives? If there is a God, what proof is there for his existence? Has God revealed himself to us in a personal way? 160 pages. Paperback.