Saintly Habits


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7 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Grow in Virtue

by Andrew Whitmore

In Saintly Habits: Aquinas’ 7 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Grow in Virtue, Catholics will find a guide to virtue that will transform their understanding of what a virtuous life looks like and teach them how to put their new knowledge into practice.

Saintly Habits makes the theological wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas accessible to modern-day Catholics with explanations of:

  • What virtue is and is not
  • How the virtues are connected
  • The difference between virtues and vices
  • What conscience is and how to form it
  • How to break bad habits and foster good ones
  • Why prayer and the sacraments are necessary for spiritual progress

Featuring anecdotes, relatable analogies, and practical suggestions that animate this presentation of the virtues, Saintly Habits takes a positive and encouraging approach to a seldom discussed topic by illustrating how St. Thomas’ seven strategies provide a roadmap for our spiritual journey that we can apply to our daily lives.

By encouraging us to understand the virtues we already possess as Catholics, God’s desire for us to be holy, and the Church’s role in supporting our journey of faith, this book provides the tools that we need to answer the call to grow ever closer to Christ in virtue and holiness.

This book is perfect for men who are on the Exodus 90 journey. 136 pages. Paperback.