Saints of the Catholic Church in Cross Stitch



Craft with the saints! This beautiful book is FULL of the Catholic Saints as you have never seen them before: Patterns that can be used to create Cross Stitch or Melty Bead creations. The perfect gift for Crafty Catholics of Any Age!

The printed book features:

  • 170 different Holy Characters, including images of God, Saints, Marian Images, and several Biblical characters, all displayed in their own large, full-page, full-color pattern.
  • Detailed instructions for creating the saints in cross stitch and melty beads.
  • Many lettering options for finishing your project.
  • Thick, glossy, durable pages.
  • Wire spiral binding, so the pattern will lay flat as you work.
  • A LIBRARY of free patterns and project ideas that didn’t fit in the book, which you can access online.